Welcome to nonlinearcircuits, aka NLC. I make analogue synthesizer modules for use in Eurorack systems.

This site is intended as an information source for the ever expanding range of NLC eurorack modules.

All modules are available assembled and ready to use, please contact me for ordering information (see image below).

Some basics:

All payments are by paypal in USD

Shipping by AusPost for any module order is a flat USD20, this includes tracking and signed delivery.

Most module orders ship within 1-2 days but if I am busy with multiple orders it may take a little longer. When the order is placed I will tell you how long it will take and send the tracking number when the order ships.

PCBs and panels are available for DIYers. These usually require surface mount components, so are not suitable for beginners. Shipping for PCBs and panels is USD5 for posting as a regular airmail letter (no signed delivery or tracking). If you do want the security of tracking & signed delivery, shipping USD20 per order.

Some NLC modules are quite normal, some are based on vintage designs and many are derived from my research into chaos and neural networks.


I started out in synth DIY back in 1998, some of these builds are on Synth DIY - Pinky

So far, my blog has been the main source of information for NLC modules. Eventually the main module information will be on this page and the blog will go back to being a blog. Anyway nonlinearcircuits blog/



nonlinearcircuits builders guild - facebook page for discussion on the building, use and abuse of NLC modules