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 +This 8HP module contains 3 VCAs and a fuzz/​distortion. The VCAs are similar to the ones used in the NLC Cluster; simple OTA based but work very well.
 +The fuzz/​distortion is part of the bottom VCA and is a typical diode based affair, on the PCB the space for these are thru-hole so you can install Si or Ge diodes or LEDs. Turn the Fuzz pot to 0 if you just want VCA.
 +PCB = USD18
 +Panel = USD20
 +assembled = USD160
 +{{ :​modules:​vcas_build_and_bom.pdf |VCAs build & BOM}}
 +{{ :​modules:​vcas_panel_template.pdf |VCAs panel template}}
 +{{ :​modules:​20190820_154859.jpg?​400 |}}
 +{{ :​modules:​20190820_154928.jpg?​400 |}}
 +[[https://​​Ds_7dmQSitc|YouTube demo]]
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