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The Big Room (Reverb) This module merges the Polyfusion reverb driver circuit with the NLC Segue for VC panning between wet and dry signals. It also has a VC feedback circuit….be careful with that one 😁

The driver circuit was used in the NLC CellF Voice panel, I always liked it and received good feedback from people who owned these panels, so stuck with the design. The downside is it rquires a particular reverb tank, which is easily available for USD19, so not really a big deal. Builders could try experimenting with the driver circuit to make it work with other tanks but imho it sounds thick and cavernous with the tank it is designed for.

The PCBs form a giant vactrol case for the LDRs used in the panning circuit.

PCB set = USD24 Panel = USD22 assembled = USD200 - Reverb tank and RCA cable not included, it will be much cheaper to order your own directly from

The Big Room build guide

The Big Room panel template

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