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 ==== Description/​Usage ==== ==== Description/​Usage ====
-Based on the Buchla 265 Source Of Uncertainty but without the rare components+Based on the Buchla 265 Source Of Uncertainty but without the rare components. This module happened when I was asked to get a friend'​s rather expensive SOU265 clone working. The PCB was so full of errors so it seemed easier to simply design a new one. I don't like designing for rare components and ridiculous power voltages so started from scratch. If you break the SOU265 into sections, it is a white noise source with filtering to get slower random voltages. These are fed into a 100Hz triangle oscillator to wobble it. One output is fed to a sample & hold, with feedback, for the stepped output. The other is fed via another S&H into a LPG designed for CV rates and controlled by a very crude VCO (its not like it needs 1V/oct) to get the smooth output. 
 +Please note - the current panels are 10HP white/​gold 
 +{{ :​modules:​sou_1.jpg?​400 |}} 
 +{{ :​modules:​sou_2.jpg?​400 |}} 
 +{{ :​modules:​sou_3.jpg?​400 |}}
 ==== DIY ==== ==== DIY ====
 [[http://​​pinky/​data/​Sauce%20of%20Unce%20build%20notes.pdf|Documents for BOM & Build]] [[http://​​pinky/​data/​Sauce%20of%20Unce%20build%20notes.pdf|Documents for BOM & Build]]
 +{{ :​modules:​sou_panel_template.pdf |SoU panel template}}
 ==== Examples (Audio/​Video) ==== ==== Examples (Audio/​Video) ====
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