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The Router was developed to use in the cellF neural synthesizer at MoNA’s Mofo exhibition in Jan 2017. As cellF would be left running for 6-8 hours per day, we wanted a module to periodically switch around the CV signals to create new patches.
The Router pots can be used as switches, 0 is off and 10 is on. At these settings the switches will ignore incoming CV or gate signals. For the switching to be controlled by CV or gates, set the pots to an appropriate turn-on point.
Some notes: Input 1 is internally connected to the switches on jacks 2, 3 & 4. CV 1&2 is internally connected to the switch on the CV 3&4 jack. The signals to the OUT ALL jack are summed together, as more than one signal can be on at a time; this is the safest way to merge them.
The Router can deliver 1 into 4, 4 into 4 and 4 into 1 at the same time, 2x 2 into 2 and, with a simple mod the PCB, 2x 1 into 2


HP: 8


IN1: audio/cv signal
IN2: audio/cv signal
IN3: audio/cv signal
IN4: audio/cv signal
CV 1&2: cv control for pots 1 and 2
CV 2&4: cv control for pots 2 and 4


OUT ALL: all signals
OUT1: output 1
OUT2: output 2
OUT3: output 3
OUT4: output 4


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