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It's 555 Resonator This is a set of five 555 based one shot circuits. Each has CV and pot controlled pulse width and the pulse for each can be set to be negative going or positive at any desired amplitude. The circuit is supposed to be driven by a signal from a VCO, but noise or chaos sorces are fun too. It creates five pulses that can be individually manipulated to create a complex and harmonically rich waveform. A slower clock signal will give clicks and glitches (so, a voltage controlled glitch module).

As the pulse widths can be individually controlled (or controlled en masse by “CV all”), this waveform can be continually morphed to get new sounds. When the 5 pulses are quite thin the effect is that of a resonator. The controls allow a wide pulse width, so fatter, thicker sounds can also be created.


Panel = USD24

assembled = USD230

IT'S 555 BUILD AND bom


DEMO vid on youtube

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