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 +GEneralized Nonlinear Extrapolator
 +This module is made of 3 neuron circuits and a difference rectifier. The neuron outputs are fed to the switching pins of the next neuron’s attenuated input; 1>2, 2>3, 3>1. This means the circuit will work with a single input signal, delivering all kinds of mayhem at the outputs.
 +There are also 4 shared inputs so that the same signals can be fed to neurons 1&2 and neurons 2&3.
 +The Difference Rectifier compares the outputs of neurons 1&3 to the output of neuron 2.
 +If you want to use the neurons individually then turn down the input pots or use the upper neuron specific inputs to disconnect the signals coming from its neighbour.
 +Just like a set of synaptically connected neurons, this module is noisy and unruly. It is never going to learn anything it lives in and for the moment.
 +It can be used to process audio, CV or audio and CV……do whatever you like to it.
 +The name is from the computer described in the 1964 Keith Laumer novel – The Great Time Machine Hoax, although this module differs in ability (can’t time travel or get married ..... afaik), the name is quite suitable.
 +PCB = USD20
 +Panel = USD22
 +assembled = USD200
 +{{ :​modules:​genie_build_and_bom.pdf |GENiE build Guide}}
 +{{ :​modules:​genie_panel_template.pdf |GENiE panel template}}
 +{{ :​modules:​20181231_151631.jpg?​400 |}}
 +{{ :​modules:​20181231_151618.jpg?​400 |}}
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