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This is a slimmed down and modified version of the 4U Divine CMOS. It can be used as a CV pattern generator with slew, frequency divider, gate pattern generator, envelope follower and a ring modulator that provides sub-harmonics that can be mixed together to create new sounds.

This circuit takes two input signals and divides them down by /2, /4, /8 & /16. It then XORs these divisions (XOR = Exclusive OR). All of these signals can then be mixed to create the output waveform. If this is done at audio rates the output is very thick and full of shifting harmonics. If it is done at LFO rates, the output is a complex pattern that can be used as a CV source. The gates generated by the CMOS logic stages are also available on the panel.

Divine CMOS


HP: 8


IN1: cv/audio signal
IN2: cv/audio signal


SLEW OUT: the OUT but slewed.
OUT: waveform created by XOR all the divisions of the mix of IN1 and IN2.
/2: mix of IN1 and IN2 divided by 2
/4: mix of IN1 and IN2 divided by 4
/8: mix of IN1 and IN2 divided by 8
/16: mix of IN1 and IN2 divided by 16


Documents for BOM & Build :

Divine CMOS build


  • Using just one input, you can use the module as frequency divider, for either gates or audio rate signals. If 2 incoming clock signals are patched in, you can generate a series of gates that are related to the original clock signals but are different, very useful for complex percussion patches.
  • The best effect at audio rates is to get signals from 2 VCOs that are beating – running at almost the same frequency… but not quite. This gives a continuously shifting and active sound. As the input signals are divided down to /16, it is best to run the VCOs at higher frequencies than usual to be able to exploit all the available divisions.
  • To use as a pattern generator, connect two gate/trigger/LFO signals to the inputs (or just one – it will still work, but 2 is more interesting). Connect the output to a VCO and adjust the pots to find patterns that will be somewhat unpredictable but quite fun to use.

Examples (Audio/Video)

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