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The simplest module in the NLC range - a 4 input mixer. It has just 14 SMD components to solder onto the PCB, so a very gentle intro to surface mount soldering. The pots are 0 at centre, -1x gain to the left (inverts) and 1x gain to the right. It can be called an attenuverting mixer, if you really want to. Pot 4 will act as a voltage offset if nothing is patched into input 4. It can supply -5V to +5V of offset. If you do not want any offset, leave pot 4 at midpoint, or patch your signal into input 4. The module will work with audio and CV signals. It is useful for creating sequences from logic modules such as the Divide & Conquer, BOOLs or 1/n.

PCB & panel set = USD12 assembled = USD60

4HP MIX build & BOM

4HP MIX panel template

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