PCB set (2) - USD30

Panel - USD25

assembled - USD250

This is a 1:32 or 32:1 mux. It can split one input signal into 32 outputs or switch 32 inputs into 1 output. Use the reset to get lower counts and the direction control to add a dash of complexity to your mux. If nothing is patched into the in/out jack, it works as a 32 stage counter.
I finding it a very interesting module and suspect I want to have 2 of them. Send signals from one VCO to the clock and input, split the waveform up into 2 -32 sections (use reset to select how many), send some or all of these sections off to various VCFs, waveshapes, VCAs, etc. Then use a 2nd 32:1 to put all the sections back together....or forget the FX and just put the sections back together in a different order to create new waveshapes.
The module is based on the 32 Stage Divider developed by Julian Driscoll and Warren Burt back in the 70s, although the circuit is completely different. This version uses modern analogue switch ICs, so can cope with near rail to rail voltages and enables glitch/click free switching. Also, as mentioned, this one has forward/reverse count controlled by a gate signal.
32:1 Build guide and BOM